Services We Offer :
Engineering Consultation
With an affiliated company TEMES, Erdevel Europa has the capability to provide wide range of Engineering Consultation in the field of electrical, mechanical and civil engineering in addition to the construction supervision

Power System Protection and Coordination
Short Circuit Calculation
Protection and Coordination Studies
Protective Relay Setting, Calculation and Testing

This is achieved by Erdevel engineers using the most advanced applicable software and proven widely used ETAP  ARTTS. ( advance relay testing and transient simulator). By doing so, Erdevel Europa is the company in KSA offering a complete and comprehensive protection services package –a-one stop shop for the maintenance of electrical system’s protection.


Operation &Maintenance and Trouble Shooting of electrical system

Long Term Management Contract of operation and  maintenance of Power Plants, Transmission and Distribution system
Inspection, Testing, Repair and Maintenance of generators
Inspection, testing and rewinding of stator
Inspection, testing and repair of rotors
Inspection, testing and repair of stator core
Testing and calibration of generator protections
Inspection and repair of Gas & Steam Turbines and Diesel engines and related auxiliaries.
Trouble shooting and repair works in power plants transmission and distribution system

Supply of materials and industrial gases as needed for the work


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